Rural Revival

Mainstream politics excludes agricultural and small communities. Most tax money goes toward big cities, leaving rural areas a lower priority for clean water, medicine, and broadband internet access. On the Surry County Board of Supervisors, Michael has already taken action on this front. By the end of the year, all of Surry County will have broadband internet access. And, while his opponent now voted against a Virginia House resolution recognizing water as a human right, Michael brought brand-new water infrastructure to Dendron. These achievements, though, were only possible when members of the community stepped up.

Community Engagement

Michael recognizes how much a community can accomplish when all citizens come forward and make their voices heard. That’s why, on the Surry County Board, he set up newsletters to keep the community informed and regular gatherings and polls to let the people govern.

As a delegate, Michael will take similar steps. He’ll regularly meet with constituents so he can represent you and your interests. He’ll create citizen committees to help set priorities for the district. He will take your concerns seriously, and help craft a clear and united vision to take to Richmond.


In recent years, Virginia has become increasingly divided, along with the country. This partisan polarization only distracts from the real struggles of Virginians and Americans. Michael cares about the interests of real people, not party platforms.

Virginians in rural areas and small communities share many values and struggles. Michael himself has seen diverse groups gather at his farm’s music festivals, picnics, and social gatherings. Here, people from different backgrounds find what they have in common. What truly makes this possible is the respect and equal ground the Drewry farm grants.

Equity and Inclusion

Michael respects every member of his community. He won’t discount your opinion, or hold it too highly, because of background or political beliefs. He works to be fair, impartial, and conservative in his judgments. He believes in fairness and equality in opportunity. All of these values Michael holds deeply.

Your Priorities

What do you want to see happen for the 64th District? You can help set the agenda and make your voice heard. Let us know your priorities here.