Meet Michael

Michael and Amy Drewry smiling on their farm. Amy is holding a chicken

Michael Drewry grew up working on his family farm witnessing the struggles and challenges of rural Virginians firsthand. He worked alongside his father through farm accidents and equipment damage, absorbing the self-reliant, creative problem-solving skills of a farmer.

But meanwhile, he saw huge agri-business pushing out family farms and forcing young people away to try their luck in big cities. He saw neighbors struggle to get medicine, enough food, and clean water. And worst of all, he saw people give up as their representatives ignored their needs.

Even with an agriculture degree, Michael himself worried for his future as a farmer. Seeking a brighter future, he earned a degree in business. Soon, the Continental Grain Company sought him out to assist in setting up their pork division. The startup succeeded.

Michael with pigs on the farm
Michael with pigs on the farm

With that experience, Michael earned a law degree and returned to his childhood farm. He still works here as a farmer and a lawyer. But his effort to help his community had only started. Next, he decided to run for the Surry County Board of Supervisors. After knocking on every door in his community to hear his neighbors’ concerns, he was first elected in 2015 to represent Dendron and Walls Bridge Districts. Since then, he has worked with the board to serve his community. He brought a new community center to his district and a brand-new water system to the only town there. And, by the end of this year, all of Surry County will have access to broadband.

Michael cares deeply about understanding and serving his community. Michael and his wife Amy host community gatherings, picnics, and music festivals where hugely diverse groups gather. The Drewry farm brings together people from all walks of life, liberals and conservatives, and allows them to find the common ground and unity that makes them strong. That energy is what Michael will harness to push Virginia forward.

Performers at the 2019 Blueberry Jam at Drewry Farm
2019 Blueberry Jam at Drewry Farm

Michael has a rich background, with skills in many fields. His heritage and experience in these five areas make him unique as a candidate:


Michael’s father’s family has farmed Virginia land for four hundred years. Generations of knowledge of the land survive in him. He lives the struggles and delights of every farmer. This knowledge is critical to representing such a rich agricultural district.

Michael selling the products of his farm

Small Business

From Michael’s great-grandfather, who worked repairing horseless carriages, to his mother, who started the beloved clothing shop Kids Korner, his family on the other side has run small businesses. Michael himself, and his wife, Amy, run their own business selling produce and meat from their farm. They understand every aspect of owning and operating a small business, including production, marketing, and customer service.

Corporate Work

As a new business school graduate, Michael worked with Continental Grain Company, a top-three agriculture company in the US. As part of a small team, he worked to create a new pork division for them.


After law school, Michael began private law practice in Surry and Suffolk. Today, he works on land use, conservation, and local government matters. In addition, he offers low cost and pro bono services to nearby citizens. This work has made Michael familiar with the Virginia Code, how it operates, and how it can change for the better.

Michael on the Board of Supervisors


Michael has taken on many roles in local government. He’s served as an attorney for cities and counties in Virginia for 20 years, and as the chairman of the Surry County Board of Supervisors, where he is now the vice-chair. He’s applied the law and seen how it affects citizens.

This broad base of experience makes Michael Drewry uniquely qualified to represent Virginia’s 64th District.